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Approximately 35,000,000 people across the country will receive traffic tickets this year, mostly for speeding. As many as 95% of these tickets are not contested. Traffic tickets are big business for local courts and governments throughout the United States. Some cities generate millions of dollars a year from traffic ticket fines. Some smaller rural towns can generate most of their operating budgets from the money they earn through traffic tickets. 

Most people take the path of least resistance and just pay their fines, thinking it is not worth the trouble to contest their tickets. Before you just pay up, consider that your traffic ticket could cost you a lot more than just the fine you pay. Traffic convictions and guilty pleas can result in increases in your insurance premiums of up to 50% or more. The points charged against your driver's license can lead to your license being suspended for six months in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Most other states have some form of license suspension rules for repeat offenders as well. If you are not a PA or NJ  driver, convictions or guilty pleas from PA or NJ traffic tickets are almost always reported back to your home state. In addition, many employers look unfavorably on employees or job candidates with poor driving records, especially if your license is suspended and you can't get to work. If you hold a commercial driver's license, your traffic ticket could cost you your entire livelihood. 

I am an experienced attorney I can help you negotiate a lower fine (or in some cases no fine) and fewer or no points on your driving record. If your case must go to trial, I have the knowledge and experience necessary to give you the best possible chance to beat your traffic or speeding ticket.


It is possible to defeat a DUI or DWI which is what is called in New Jersey. Based on the facts of your particular case, there are many strategies I can use to fight your charges. Call me to discuss your best legal options. 

My extensive background and experience sets me apart. I am known for my meticulous attention to detail and analyze every factor in your case from beginning to end.  There are many routes to take a DUI/DWI case down. I will determine the one with the highest chance of success. 

It is critical you are aware of  your legal options when facing a DUI/DWI. I will provide you with a free DUI/DWI case review to discuss your options. 

A DUI/DWI is a criminal offense that is not to be taken lightly.  DUI/DWI charges can have a harsh lasting and significant impact on your future. 

My aim is always to reduce or dismiss the charges against my clients. 

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