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Have you been the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace? If so, please call me today for a FREE consultation. Many employees are scared to report sexual harassment to their employers for fear that they will be retaliated against for reporting the sexual harassment. It is is illegal to sexually harass an employee but it is also illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee for reporting sexual harassment. if you have reported sexual harassment and your employer has retaliated against you or even fired you because of your reporting please call  me today. I  have handled many sexual harassment cases and in many instances I can resolve your sexual harassment case early with a confidential settlement.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment in the workplace is all to common. Sexual harassment is not gender specific. In fact, sexual harassment can come in all forms. If you are a male worker that has suffered sexual harassment in the workplace by a female superior you are protected under Pennsylvania and New Jersey law. Call our Sexual Harassment lawyer today for a consultation to discuss your sexual harassment case. We accept sexual harassment cases throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 

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Wrongful Termination Law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

When Does a Termination Qualify as Wrongful?

One of the most frustrating and perhaps bewildering moments in any employee’s career is finding out that your employer is ending the employment relationship. After the initial shock, employees often seek out a lawyer for information. Inevitably, the most common question to the lawyer is a variation of “my boss fired me for no good reason, does this qualify under wrongful termination law in Pennsylvania and New Jersey ?
If you are a non-union employee and have no written contract  you may be an “at-will” employee, meaning that either you or your employer may end the employment relationship at any time for any reason or even no reason.  However the employer’s right to terminate its employees is not absolute.  There are many state and Federal laws that protect employees who have been terminated for illegal reasons.
A termination may violate the law, and is therefore “wrongful,” where an employee is terminated for these and other reasons:
Complaining about discrimination, including discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or gender (including transgenderism), religion, age, disability, marital or family status, pregnancy status, or sexual orientation
Taking time off for maternity leave or to bond with your newborn (including fathers)
Taking time off for medical leave or to take care of a family member
Having a serious medical condition,  disability, or requesting a reasonable accommodation for a disability
Complaining about sexual harassment
Reporting unlawful or illegal conduct by your company (“whistleblower” protection)
Requesting to be paid for all hours worked, legally-guaranteed overtime or minimum wage, or requesting legally-required rest or meal breaks.
Refusing to perform an illegal act
Performing a legal duty, such as serving on a jury or voting
Under wrongful termination law in PENNSYLVANIA AND NEW JERSEY, you may potentially be able to receive your lost wages, damages for your pain and suffering; and, if the employer’s conduct was malicious or willful, punitive damages.
I serve all of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and specialize in the field of Employment Law. I have extensive expertise in helping people, who have been wrongfully terminated and retaliated against.

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